Tactical Shooter Update

Written by Dan (31 May 2015 - 20:29 )

Project Reality 1.3 is a finally out and a full standalone so no more digging around for BF2 keys.

From some of the ex PR guys comes a tactical shooter "Squad" on the Unreal 4 engine which looks to be what ArmA failed to be (a stable realistic experience with huge maps and players)

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Holy Fucktard Batman

Written by Dan (23 May 2015 - 23:01 )

It's a News update!

Myself and NoName have been playing World of Tanks (free tank shooter) for a while now. It's easy to pick up, hard to master and there's plenty of depth to it so come on in and join the sausage fest!

Check out the forums ( BiM members only) for Team Speak server details as we now have dedicate BiM TS!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Written by gtk (18 Dec 2013 - 16:26 )

Bloody jolly Xmas to all bimbos :) Go easy on the grog for mommys sake.

The end of online gaming as we know it

Written by gtk (28 Aug 2008 - 21:41 )

The notorious online gamer known as Hagenisse responded with this breathtaking insightful comment after concerns were raised about some issues taking place in the BiM forum.

Hagenisse is recognized as an authority within the gaming and gamedesign community and as the de-facto guru when it comes to gaming and gamedesign. An industry source commented that: "he is lightyears ahead of for instance the Gartner Research Group when it comes to predicting the future within modern gaming and regarded as many as a modern day Nostradamus".

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Reality Mod Patch release 11 Nov

Written by guerilla (7 Nov 2006 - 21:36 )

Black7 reporting: For all of you that have a legal copy of Battlefield 2 and haven't come on contact with this awesome mod download this now or forever stay in the shadow of the real players with skills to pay the bills.
Yes the 4th big patch in the mini mod series are now on its way to be released tons of goodies for all reality war games lovers.
To read more about it just come into my cabin (opens up the command tent)

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First impressions of TC:E 0.49

Written by guerilla (27 Oct 2006 - 10:26 )

It was Friday, September the 29th in the year 2006! The time: 18.00 GMT to be exactly. The moment of the release of the long awaited version 0.49 of our beloved game True Combat Elite. As you probably read on our homepage we lost interest in TC:E for a long time ago. In the end of last summer we picked it up and played some 0.48 funwars but not with the motivation we used to have. Until 0.49 came out! Did it feed our expectations? Read on...

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Cor Blimey Guv it's an Update!

Written by Dan (19 Aug 2006 - 17:33 )

Well bugger me if there isn't something new to type about.

Well actually there isn't that much going on but I got sick of seeing the same old stuff on the front page.

At the moment we wait patiently for TC:ET (www.overfuckingdue.com) in the hope that it at least won't have any show stopping bugs. We look forwarded to the day of squeezing into our uniforms and getting called "haxors" by those with egos that dwarf their skill level.

We also are keeping an eye on PRMM - a realism mod for BF2. We've played it on and off over the last year and it shows real potential. Some issues regarding balancing and level design still need tweaking but then it is a beta.

New interests game wise have been WoW and the source version of TA (RTS) which rocks.*

*With the exception of when we have a cease fire for 40 minutes to allow peaceful building only for them to be destroyed in 2 by that fuck wit Hagen using Tactical Nukes.

The Sun sets on True Combat

Written by Dan (18 Oct 2005 - 13:24 )

We laughed, we cried, we made up and we got naked. BiM are taking a break from TC:ET as it's starting to get a little stale for us. While we wait for the patch we are playing any old cra...other titles.

We've had fun playing Defence Alliance 2 for UT2004, AA, BF2 and Red Orchestra. So if you see any of us out there say hello and be gentle.

The Monster Mash: BiM Vs Force

Written by Dan (14 Oct 2005 - 13:18 )

Saturday we have a monster CW playing over 4 maps with a team of 10. This will be an event to remember! (Probably for the wrong reasons :P).

Kick off is at 8pm CET / 7pm GMT so make sure nibbles and beer is with in reaching distance.

BiM Vs PzGren

Written by Dan (18 Sep 2005 - 22:10 )

Maps: North and Village

We knew from the start this was going to be hard work. The squad comprised mainly of B squad (and our favourite sub)and we were bored of playing the same maps, so instead of Rail we chose Village.

PzGren have adapted to our tactics and put up a fierce resistance on North, we made mistakes where we couldn't afford any and things were looking grim to say the least.

Village was touch and go and we were down 1 point to draw at the end - but we managed to clench it.

Outcome: 10-10 Draw

Top Secret: How to beat BiM (sssh)

Written by Dan (13 Sep 2005 - 13:42 )

rant babyIt's all about Northport, infact it's always about bloody Northport. This rant is addressing the number of clans that select North as their map of choice.

Now Clans can select what they want as far as I'm concerned but take this these factors into consideration.

The attraction of Northport is clear, the enemy can only ever come from 2 main places so most clans make the mistake of thinking it's easier to play then the other maps. From a tactical stand point it is, from a play stand point it's not.

What happens over and over again is the map boils down to not giving a single point away as defending Spec Ops and the money is made on the Terror performance. What clans seem to forget is that this goes both ways and if there is a large skill difference between the 2 opposing sides it just makes life harder for the weaker side.

So what's the answer? Play another map until your skill level rises as a clan, once you are even or exceed the opposition then North becomes almost a guaranteed win. Its a dull ace in the hole.

BiM Vs PzGren played 12/09/2005

Written by Dan (13 Sep 2005 - 13:23 )

Maps: Rail and North both played on Pz's server

BiM had a stonking game playing both sides, but then I'd expect no less as this is "our" map.

Outcome:9-1 Win

We started off well as the Spec Ops (but then who doesn't) but seemed to have a hard time of it as Terrors. Some great defending by PzGren made sure that time and time again our guys got slaughtered around the windows area and we had just as much trouble trying to storm A. These guys are getting as tricky as LN on North.

Outcome:6-4 Win

Overall I think BiM thought we'd do better and maybe were a little too hastey and over confident and payed the price accordingly. The war was great fun as usual and thanks go to both PzGren for giving us a clean game and Ice for leading us.

BiM Vs Ramen played 11/09/2005

Written by Dan (12 Sep 2005 - 16:22 )

Maps: Rail on BiM server, Eratz on Ramen server

We had not really encountered Ramen in the past and so didn't know what to expect. We half expected to be bent over and made to bite the pillow. If only :P

This was especially true of the first round on Rail, a very aggressive start by Ramen caught us off guard, no one in the history of Clan Wars has moved so fast. Even when they should have been on defense they were counter attacking all the way.

Despite the sounds of terror over Ventrilo we managed to fight off panic and regained control of the situation. Ramen kept the pressure applied but we adapted and slaughtered them like virgin sheep on the edge of a cliff with only the choice of certain death below or the randy approaching farmer.
Outcome: Win, 10-0

There was some concern on the second map (Eratz) that Ramen would exact their revenge as BiM had never played as a squad on this map. However despite some lightening fast rear attacks that got BiM killed a couple of times they were mainly rushing into our bullets.

With out doubt Ramen's strength was also their downfall, their rushing tactics may well work on pub play but against a well trained squad they will continue to get butchered. That said there's nothing harder then fighting a clan with no clear attack or defense. Thanks for the game guys it was a pleasure and look forward to the next.

Outcome: Win, 8-2

BiM Vs Fatboyz played 31/08/2005

Written by Dan (5 Sep 2005 - 14:10 )

Our first match against Fatboyz. We played Northport first (with [BiM] being one less player as a result of NTH's car breaking down), which seems to be a played pretty often and chosen by most clans. On Northport the Fatboyz managed to give us quite a challenge. Their attacks at the A bomb spot should not be underestimated.

They did well in reading our approach and acting accordingly. The score on Northport was 6:4 in our favour.

After that we moved over to our favourite map; Railhouse. NTH had managed to get home to this second map so we were a full squad again. Inter clan communication and teamwork worked very well on our behalf resulting in our tactics working nearly 100%, this probably also because our sparring partner had never encountered them earlier. 10:0 score in our favour.

With a little more stucture and coordination and Fatboyz will be harder to beat in the future. Thanks for the match guys.. hang in there.

Also worth mentioning is that this was our newest member PMG's first clan war ever. He covered his position, and did great integrating in to our team. GG PMG.

Reporter: NoName

BiM Vs PzGren 15-5 Win

Written by Dan (29 Aug 2005 - 23:24 )

PzGren kept us on our toes for both maps, Village and Northport but failed to coordinate their attacks enough to threaten our lead.

Showing again that their squad was seasoned some sharp shooting claimed some of our squad on several occasions. Once PzGren work on their teamwork and coordination they will soon be a force to fear. Well played guys and thanks for the CW.

Welcome PMG!

Written by Dan (23 Aug 2005 - 17:29 )

We have a new recruit, fear his sniper skills and his stealthed lube attacks. PMG is our first German member so this marks a double celebration as I'm sure we'll get BMW discounts....or something.

What not even a free bratwurst? :O(

BiM vs Los Nobos (LN)

Written by Dan (23 Aug 2005 - 14:37 )

Our favourite training partner, LN gave us yet another good run for our money. No quarter spared, no measure given. Yet another Rail and North shoot out.

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Please help getting TC:E into Clanbase

Written by Dan (16 Aug 2005 - 17:45 )

After some talking with the clanbase peeps a new petition has started to get TC:E into Clanbase. A lot of gamers are familiar with Clanbase (which is merged with Global Gaming League GGL btw) for its excellent competitions, ladders and rankings for clans. Please vote for this Clanbase petition and add in the note field some extra info so the scene looks at least a bit motivated!

BiM gets a new server. Gameservers, site and forum back up!

Written by gtk (1 Aug 2005 - 23:11 )

BiM server
BiM now got a brand new Dell Poweredge 1850. Due to this we now run one TC:E public server and a TC:E match server.


Dual Xeon 3,0 GHz. 1 GB ram, 800Mhz FSB, 2x76 GB 10k SCSI discs running in raid 1 on a PERC RAID controller with 256mb cache.

The server is sitting on a 100Mbit pipe located at Interweb in Norway. Many thanks to my employeer for letting me have my server there.

This will be the new home of BiM from now on. The server is privately pwned by me.



Frontnews of TT and G6

Written by guerilla (28 Jul 2005 - 02:25 )

In a new update of Team Terminator, the developers posted some new screenies of work in progress. Some new weapons (made with the new software sponsored by the community and some new pics of dem_hospital. The map takes TC:E to a higher level. Sweeeeeet. We hope the developers win the race of 3D Realms Duke Nukem Forever developers team...

BiM vs Los Nobos (LN)

Written by guerilla (4 Jul 2005 - 11:10 )

Did we get a war or what! In the past we lost 3 times of LN (9-11, 9-11 and 8-12) so stakes were high! Things became worse when Los Nobos selected Northport, not one of our favourites due to it's bottleneck design. Our choice was Railhouse. Read the full report to find out who won this thriller.

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BiM vs )TCN-Imprez(

Written by guerilla (1 Jul 2005 - 10:40 )

Yesterday, the 30th of June, BiM played a practical war 6on6 TC:E versus )TCN-Imprez(. After a chaotic start we played a nice match. While the first map was a draw, BiM won the second. We played this clan half a month ago in a 7on7 war with a win. GG!

Read the full report..

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BiM arranges all future wars via TCE:Wars

Written by guerilla (23 Jun 2005 - 17:50 )

Our game True Combat Elite knows one established ladder/competition so far. TCE:Wars is able to arrange all your clan wars. The whole scene seems to wait for the final version but BiM wants to make a statement by beginning right now. It's nice to track your scores and will make an end to all sorts of confusing communications like a mixed combi of irc/forums/pm's/etc. Clans wanting a scrim against us, please use the site of TCE:Wars.

links of interest:
- TCEWars.com
- League topic @ official forums.
- #TCE.wars (Quakenet)

News on the TC:E developers front!

Written by guerilla (23 Jun 2005 - 00:55 )

Finally some news of the upcoming final-"coming soon" -version. They are working to make al sounds 44KHz (as ET 2.60 supports it), writing mission scripts and get al textures in high-res. Some of the new changes are:

-improved hitboxes for crouching
-improved head hitbox for lean (fixes misaligned left lean head hitbox and more)
-improved head hitbox when player has pistol
-converted most 22k sounds to 44k using a harmonic reconstruction of the spectrum
-upsampled <11k bandlimited (voice) sounds to 44k

See the new Steyer Aug being reloaded here (QT).

A Big Thank You!

Written by Dan (14 Jun 2005 - 15:06 )

Just a note of appreciation to say thanks to TheDamned for his continued enthusiasm for producing and revamping the BiM image.

To NoName for having to organise CW's with all sorts of new and *special* clans and keeping the BiM bo's in line.

Finally to Guerilla for his energy and input into all aspects of BiM including CW News Posts.

It's lot easier to make a decent clan with the help of you all then just having players that sit around waiting for CW's. Thanks for making BiM so special. (Like spazzer not good)

BiM vs ]Kop[

Written by guerilla (13 Jun 2005 - 15:51 )

Saturday 11 June we played a war vs the German TC:E clan ]KoP[. They were only 4 so one of us did /kill each round after the start. Maps were North and Railhouse. Short story, it was tactics /positions vs BC style: 20-0 for us.

]KoP[, thanx for not whining and playing the full war. Good luck with training and hope to play you again.

lineup: nn/ice/corn/thedamned/guer and them

Last war: BiM vs TC-N, we won

Written by guerilla (10 Jun 2005 - 00:11 )

We played a practical war on our BiM clanserver this evening 9th of Juni. Opponent today was TC-N.

Read on...

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New Member - Guerilla

Written by Dan (2 Jun 2005 - 09:50 )

Well overdue and if I haven't already mentioned it, Guerilla joins our ranks. A very enthusiastic young man who is both capable and looks good in pink.

New site live!

Written by gtk (6 May 2005 - 21:41 )

I've had a few beers and got tired of waiting so I put it live right away. I figure the remaining stuff might get done quicker this way so here goes. This will probably mean the end of a whole Barn-Era.

Brand spanking new site

Written by gtk (8 Apr 2005 - 20:08 )

Thanks to TheDamned and myself we now have a brand spanking new website based on a custom publishing system and a new custom design.

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