Reality Mod Patch release 11 Nov

Written by guerilla (7 Nov 2006 - 21:36 )

Black7 reporting: For all of you that have a legal copy of Battlefield 2 and haven't come on contact with this awesome mod download this now or forever stay in the shadow of the real players with skills to pay the bills.
Yes the 4th big patch in the mini mod series are now on its way to be released tons of goodies for all reality war games lovers.
To read more about it just come into my cabin (opens up the command tent)

On this Saturday (11 Nov) Project Reality releases its flag ship 0.4 rumors tell about a 1.5gb of install that will include tons of goodies.

Not only will it contain the British faction but also tons of new maps, vehicles and new Sound EFX.
A new class system and restricted kit system has also been mentioned plus a major tweaking to vehicle handling and weapons and we shouldn't forget about the new improved game modes (AAS & Extraction).

Quote: [R-DEV]Eggman

Here's a few screenshots from "Operation Ghost Train" showing off the British Troops in Woodland camo.
And here's a little game play tip: On Operation Ghost Train in the tunnel there is a flag in a service room. The flag is behind some doors that can be breached with C4. That's not the tip!After you secure the flag you will want to repair the doors so the enemy also has to get some C4 into the area to breach the doors and cap the flag. That's not the tip either!

The tip is don't lock yourself into the room by repairing the doors from the inside

(Text and images from news page)

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