The end of online gaming as we know it

Written by gtk (28 Aug 2008 - 21:41 )

The notorious online gamer known as Hagenisse responded with this breathtaking insightful comment after concerns were raised about some issues taking place in the BiM forum.

Hagenisse is recognized as an authority within the gaming and gamedesign community and as the de-facto guru when it comes to gaming and gamedesign. An industry source commented that: "he is lightyears ahead of for instance the Gartner Research Group when it comes to predicting the future within modern gaming and regarded as many as a modern day Nostradamus".

The events that prompted Hagenisse to issue his statement was when it was revealed that a server admin had posted the remote console (RCON) password for the Team Mirage NS:CO server in a public forum.

Hagenisse then issued a statement containing a shocking revelation:

YES IT IS! The millions of fans that were playing back in the good old days are lurking, waiting for you to do the mistake of posting the rconpassword on the public section of the forum.

This is the end of online gaming as we know it.